Tuesday, 31 October 2017


Next time you're in class or at University or college or at work and someone says something like 'Marxism and postmodernism are kinda cool' turn to them, frown and make them look at you while you wear this shirt.  

Its way easier than having to say something like 'Oh you must be talking about magical communism, where it didn't end up in death camps, and a third of Cambodia killed off and tortured.

You know the magical communism that hasn't happened yet, that wasn't real communism, not like yours. Have you found your unicorn? I know you left it somewhere.... 

Its available at my redbubble store.

Its just way easier to state your case that they are wrong than having an argument about the relative merits of 60 million dead Russians, 100 million dead Chinese, and a third of the Cambodian population killed at the hands of Pol Pot. 

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