Tuesday, 26 November 2013


It's that time of the year again. Mona Foma is upon us in Hobart. 

What this means for me is usually disappointment. I have been to each one since it the first one was a free event in Salamanca Place on Hobart's waterfront. I went to see some free stuff and came away ...well ... bored by the whole thing. They had an Italian 'punk' band The Zen Circus who played really dull acoustic style nothing and  they had a totally crap 'manga' artist who had his drawings projected on a screen and in all seriousness it wasn't very good. I was almost interested when they said this song is for recently dead stooges guitarist Ron Asheton. I thought 'alright they might do 1970' ,alas they didn't. Pinky Beechroft played, I will admit he was really good. But then I like MGF and Pinky Beecroft  & The  White  Russians and try and see them every time they play in Tassie. I also paid 30 bucks to see the DC3 play a really crappy set at Dark Mofo/faux maux this year. And I would do it all again I tells ya.

I went again the next year and saw John Cale and those beardy weirdies The Dirty Three. The highlight being told off by security for taking a  video of John Cale. (In defense of my actions I had to do something to relieve the boredom) and anyway God wouldn't have let man invent amazing small  high def digital cameras  if he didn't want us to use them. 

2012's Mona Foma had the faux femmes which had the dubious honor of me unable to like the Violent Femmes and Amanda Palmer on the same bill or alone. This year they had a loud as DJ which I liked because I have a soft spot for loud electronic music. 

The real problem with MONA Foma's bill is it's just the total opposite of what I like. I like eclecticism  but I cant stand dull. If some one likes Sonic Youth I would rather see the Swans. If someone says something is punk I immediately think the Crumbsuckers, not some obscure band that Brian Ritchie may have worked with.  If some one mentions comic books or fanzines I immediately think John Hinkleton or Maximum Rockandroll.  So I always come away  disappointed. 

'Jesus, I wish I had a bucket load of cash and could do things my way' 

Next year the Orb and Psycroptic are playing the 2014 Mona Foma. I actually might buy tickets for it. The idea of watching Psycroptic get loud and heavy and play to the safe pants wearing oldies of Hobart is really a thing to look forward to. 

But really if I could program the MONA FOMA festival this is what I would I would book. 

Headlining would be Foetus and Manorexia. Preferably with the Tasmania Symphony Orchestra  playing with Jim Thirlwell conducting. 

Jim Thirlwell has said that he would only reform Foetus if he could do it with a 20 member orchestra, Now here's the chance to get some Hobart musicians to be directed by a genius artist and make a show with some real impact. Its OK, JG has worked with Nick Cave so he would fit right in with MONA history. 

Laibach and NSK.

Laibach are from Slovenia and are the ultimate in post modern ironic art production. They have been going for over 30 years and last year they played the Tate Modern. They have an arts arm called the NSK. They make passports which were successfully used by people trapped in Sarajevo during the civil war, they open embassies around the world and they just generally rock and are artsy at the same time. Laibach need to come to this most southern capital and demonstrate that Art is diplomacy that demands fanaticism

Hatebreed and Deez Nuts

I always hated it in the 80s when my favorite bands decided to stop playing hardcore punk and started rapping, or made country music, or metal or became pop bands or indie favorites. It just really riled me. Why ruin a good thing with mediocrity? Luckily we have Hatebreed and Deez Nuts who just do their thing and live their lives and produce  great grinding music. 
Zola Jesus
If you're going to have JG Thirlwell well you might as well get Zola Jesus as well,  just saying. She's like a cooler Lana Del Ray but with out Lana Del Ray

Clairy Browne & The Bangin' Rackettes
I just want to see them play. They haven't played in Hobart and they should.

Diana Anaid
I just like Diana Anaid

The Roobs
The Roobs are from Hobart they are very entertaining and deserve a bigger audience.

TISM reformation, the AUTISM show! 

David Walsh should make this happen. We all want a TISM reformation. He put Damian Cowell into MONA history. The DC3 play every year in Hobart  and David Walsh attends. I know this because I always see him at the DC3 shows. At the last DC3 show at the dark faux mo club night when the Dc3 left the stage a girl called out saying she would flash her god's own curves if they played a TISM song. Now that's dedication, plus every teen kid I know loves TISM and they are now officially hipster indie darlings. 

Shamen Fox-Henry
Hes my son, so I would definitely put him on the bill. 

Rachel Bloom  

Is just generally piss funny and is way better than Amanda Fucking Palmer

would also add in a  painting /art show done salon style. A free for all  paintings hung together with no rhyme or reason, just a shear volume of work across the main interior wall at MONA. 

Addendum:  19/01/2014 MOFO is happening this weekend and I haven't bought tickets and I decided not to go. Mainly because I need to save money for Soundwave in Melbourne to see Down, Stiff Little Fingers and Rob Zombie. That and My friends came round and we watched Flashdance to settle a drunken argument over a plot point. 'Oh what a feeling...'

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