Thursday, 26 September 2013

Reply on the MONA blog- Post Modernism and the fallout.

One of my replies to this blog

Post modernism and it’s silly theories are just a plague on the Arts. They used to teach art history at art schools and then replaced it with vague theory. Which in the end just meant ‘make up things as you go along’, with some sort of safe meaningless left wing bias sprinkled over the top. I remember an art theory lecturer stating that Hitler’s paintings were rubbish. What was odd about this, there was no explanation of why his work was rubbish. Looking at it objectively, Hitler’s paintings were probably a little pedestrian and were not of the standard required to get into a traditional European art school. They were not a sign of future megalomania or inherent racism. They were simply run of the mill. But having said this, looking at some of the work coming out of the local art schools now, they were objectively better. They can be judged as quite good or bad. But because everything about art teaching now is totally subjective it is difficult to make a rational decision about any work presented because there is no standard required, no bar to reach and no quality to attain. So you are left with…not much.

As far as post modernism goes I like Professor Sokal. After reading his books I feel a lot better about the future of arts education if it survives the silliness of post-modern theorising.

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler?
The next totalitarian leader will be a failed performance artist.
I was ranting in the drive home tonight to my son . The MONA experience wanted me to stand and yell like Webster in Band of Brothers where he gets up on a truck and screams at the defeated German army walking past 'WTF  were you thinking? we have ford and general motors you have horses, wtf were you thinking you dumb fucking idiots' I couldn't find the video of that scene however I did find a video by the awesome Deez Nuts. It kind of says the same thing that I was thinking. That and they are a great live band ( and nice fellows to share a beer or 4 with)

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