Monday, 27 February 2017

Here are some things that shit me about anti- vaxxers

Here are some things that shit me about Anti- Vaxxers

1. Vaccinations work. No one gets polio , that's just amazing if you think about it.

2. The original anti vax paper that was discredited, did not in any way say vaccines cause  

     autism, what it said was the triple antigen version did, not all vaccines. And the reason
     why, was that he was involved in a competitors product.

3. People are prepared to believe utter tripe but for some reason find it difficult to believe

    something that works, has worked, continues to work since small pox was vaccinated    
    against in the 19th Century.

4. It's not Ok to put my kids in danger. My son got whooping cough, he got a dud dose of 

    the  vaccine and then got it from unvaccinated kids.

5. Why is it OK for you to be vaccinated but not your kids? do you have autism? I bet you

    get your kids loaded up on antibiotics every time they get sick, which is potentially a
    greater problem.

6. Lets
have an argument about Unicorns and the conspiracy of Noah's ark to deny the  

    existence of them.

    That makes about as much sense.

Friday, 30 December 2016

Good bye 2016....

Ohh I had this taken down off the redbubble website because of claimed  copyright infringement by Disney and lucasfilm.

Here's what they said
Dear Robert,

We have removed the following content from Redbubble in response to past complaints from Lucasfilms, Ltd., a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, the claimed owner or licensee of related intellectual property and in accordance with Redbubble's IP/Publicity Rights Policy:

If you believe that removal of the above content is the result of a mistake (for example, that you have authorization to use the relevant content from the content owner) or misidentification, you can send us a counter notice. Such counter notice must provide the following information:

  1. an electronic or physical signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the relevant matter;
  2. a description of the content which we have removed, including the URL on which the content was located on the Redbubble site;
  3. your address, telephone number, and email address;
  4. a statement by you that you consent to the jurisdiction of the Federal District Court, San Francisco County, California, United States and that you will accept service of process from the person who provided notification described above or an agent of such person;
  5. a statement by you that, under penalty of perjury, you have a good faith belief that the material was removed or disabled as a result of mistake or misidentification of the material to be removed or disabled;
If you would like to send a counter notice please email the required information above to ______________

Please note that in some circumstances, if the work does not comply with our User Agreement and/or IP/Publicity Rights Policy, we may not be able to send your counter notice on to the party who has claimed ownership or licensee status over the intellectual property at issue. Rather, we may inform you at the time of receipt that we cannot reinstate the work. We may also request further information from you in order to determine whether the work can be reinstated.

However, you should be aware that in some circumstances we will inform the above mentioned third party that you have provided a counter notice, as well as provide this party with a copy of your counter notice, which will include your personal contact information. This party will have 14 days to bring legal action against you in the United States. After 14 days, if they do not bring legal action and you would like your content restored to the Redbubble site, you may contact us to request that we reinstate your work. Redbubble may restore the content at that time if it otherwise complies with our User Agreement and IP/Publicity Rights Policy.

Further information regarding Redbubble's IP/Publicity Rights Policy and User Agreement can be found here:

So I responded (I'm not that worried about it, it was a very throwaway piece of work, kind of funny, but not really)


 While I agree with the action undertaken and will not be appealing this decision.

I do not understand why my work has been singled  out and not the 100’s of other works featuring Star Wars fonts, trademarks, characters and licenced images on the redbubble website (11,852 entries using the search term Star Wars)

 Further,  my work could be viewed as a parody instead of  breaching copyright owned by a third party. You should understand that parody is protected under the US Constitution see (see ) However I’m unsure if the US Constitution gives rights to foreigners entering into  contracts with USA firms, (should have done more international law in my degree😊 )

 The other examples of Star Wars works on Redbubble appear to be a straight taking of elements of star wars material without the requisite parody or satire involved. The work concerned is a comment on 2016 and the events that have occurred,  from the election of Trump and the death of many celebrities including Carrie Fisher  

Thank you for informing me of my rights in this case, I hope to continue using Redbubble, and will ensure I stick to using totally original/created  art works in the future.

Yours sincerely

Who puts the cynic in the corner?

Unwanted opinions.

I have a few. Just had a little run in on FB with someone who I should call my esteemed colleague , but she's not because I don't work.

Anyway I am the absolute worst at putting my opinions about music forward over everything else. I like my music challenging, heavy, esoteric and often brutal. I buy Hatebreed, Every time I Die,  Ministry, Laibach and Foetus. I prefer my music to fill a room with noise. I prefer my noise to carry a tune. I always  have, since I was about 12.

Punk rock filled a void of living in the suburbs. Whether it was Crass, Black Flag or MDC, or when Metallica hit the world I was there, buying the Creeping Death EP and seeing them live as a wee 16 year old in Auckland. My teenage years were all stage dives and high fives. My 20s were living and breathing Australian music at the Big Day Out, Livid Festival and the Roxy in Brisbane. My 30s were the rediscovery of seeing bands in inner city pubs.

In Hobart I have managed to see Flipper, Shellac, DOA, the DC3, some awesome touring metal bands like the Amenta and sing along hardcore punk bands like Deez Nuts (and I did sing along, on the mic, worlds oldest hard core punk fan) NOFX in Hobart and Adelaide, Hellyeah in Melbourne.

Scrotal Vice

This is the music I am a fan of, that I buy, that I put on my youtube channel, that I work with, who I will buy drinks for (oh you poor boys from Goat Whore, I think I tipped you over the edge that night)

On the other side of the coin of all this is.

It makes me a picky bastard about who I will hand over cash at the door for or stick around and buy more drinks over the bar. I'm not interested in the latest thing, or the popular because a genre of music is being  pushed on Triple JJJ. I couldn't care less about Pink, Kayne West or whatever RnB crooner/rapping/sleazebag are doing, but I know enough to get what Rachel Bloom is singing about. on her TV show.  I can't stand pop music apart from a few exceptions, probably TISM, Diana Anaid, Kate Miller Heidke and Damian Cowell's Disco Machine.

The current trend of jangly guitars, winsome singing and folk rock leaves me thinking of watching the Bats and the Chills in New Zealand waiting for Straitjacket Fits and the Headless Chickens to rock out. Or watching the Straitjacket Fits nearly outshine REM when supporting them in 89. So I won't go to the Byron Bay Blues festival or the Falls Festival because it would be three days of mud and sweat and teens to see bands I don't like, or won't move me to maybe see a band  I might enjoy, without the walk home. And I will say so on social media, because I'm a sarcastic cynical naysayer and that's how I roll.

Further not all music is good simply because it exists, its the same with Art and literature. Not all paintings are the same level of 'good' because they exist. Some art exhibitions are terrible, they are bland, poorly made, containing redundant or naïve ideas, atheistically poor or simply badly made rushed works.

Likewise just because something is published doesn't mean its automatically good.

You just need to look at '50 shades of Grey' to see terrible internet fan fiction turned into a best seller, because it was packaged as a  book for the masses. Its a terrible book, awful on every level. The movie is laughably bad and bloody awful.

Same goes for Dan Brown. You sir suck, you suck the carcass from a dried dingo's donger and your silly books are overly verbose, full of lengthy plotting and trudging prose : and jeeze I hated that book about Da Vinci codes, symbiology degree holders and Catholics being evil. Its not clever and never was. Those are books for people who don't read books and if they want mind bending, they should read Kurt Vonnegut.

Music and art are not charities. They shouldn't be supported merely because they exist or its somebody's turn to win, art and music can be judged objectively or subjectively depending on personal taste or the practitioner's ability.

Music especially, needs to be competitive so the best shall rise to top and capture the zeitgeist when it can. And bands are in an  environment of competing genres, marketing, alternative vs mainstream ( or  the mix of both as seen in the 1990s) and being original in a sea of copies. You have to take the disinterested crowd and turn it around, you have to take the sledging from angry trolls, you have to weather the dissent, you must survive the beer can fight in the student quadrangle.

Art as I said, isn't  a charity,  but a fight to win, survive and succeed.

Anyway to those I've offended I never meant it, but if you like what I said then I meant it.* Shamelessly stolen from Damian Cowell.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Just a Public Servant

Just a public servant'.
I am just home from a day at the office, looking very ordinary in my 'casual business attire'. On the way home today I stopped at the shop for milk and saw an acquaintance. She has never seen me outside of jeans and my crusty hoody and said that she didn't realise I was 'just a public servant'.
Wow! Over my 9 year career I have heard this phrase many, many times, but today it got to me.
Am I just a civil servant? I have answered the phone many times with the response it wasn't my area and I can't help you, many people really need help and their government to listen, but I was buying stuff on Ebay and the auction was closing, and yet I am just a public servant.
I have held meetings where nothing was decided or actioned but I was needed to write a Minute to the Secretary informing him we hadn't done anything but the risks are low, and yet I am just a public servant.
I have been screamed at by Managers, suffered from bullying passive aggressive Directors and yet I am just a public servant.
I am the cubicle farm's eyes, ears and hands with the ability to assess, treat and manage mindless HR issues, stupid PC problems and no photocopy paper, and yet I am just a public servant
I have 2 degrees and and getting paid time off to study , which is paid for by my department, and yet I am just a public servant.
I can tell you how corrupt a system is, how people try their best to do nothing but complain about the lack of pay rises, about how that person got promoted because of nepotism and yet I am just a public servant.
I am my lower level colleagues advocate, suggesting mindfullness training when they suffer stress from bullying, how to minimise your screen quickly so the manager doesn't know your dicking around on Facebook, dealing with assholes and telling them interesting stories of how fucked some of the people here really are in a system that does not always provide any service at all but lots of unused policy and laws, and yet I am just a public servant.
I never miss Christmas Days, my children's birthdays, and school musicals to come to work to care enough but send emails to my workmates with interesting memes and links, and yet I am just a public servant.
I can take long lunches, shop, write spurious responses for the Minister which he will sign, without the adressee actually knowing the Minister didn't actually have anything to do with the response and yet I am just a public servant.
So, if I am just a public servant, then I am ridiculously proud to be so well paid for being one

Thursday, 6 October 2016

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Monday, 26 September 2016

Monday, 19 September 2016

Drawings ( or how I stopped worrying and learned to love sitting on a couch)

So basically I've been practicing to draw cartoons and my pugs. Its taken a lot of repetition of the same basic subject matter and themes, its been worth it, but you just need to bite the bullet and practice and then criticise your own work.
A bit like playing the guitar really.

My cat died. This is Nerf as the Last Astronaut.

Painting of my niece using the French method of Painting. Also requires a lot of practice.